Sunday, August 10, 2008

To The Extreme!

Here at the Meyer household, we like to do things to the extreme. Here's what I mean...
On Saturday the 9th, I biked 16 miles, we had lunch with some friends at Tucanos, we used our free passes to Thanksgiving Point to see the Gardens, Farm Country, the IMAX 3D Cinema, and the Dinosaur Museum. Then, Meagan stopped by a wedding reception, and we finished off the evening hanging out with our good friends Mark and Talara, and we did dinner with them at Asuka.

Today (Sunday the 10th) we went to our 3-hour church block, went to Trevan and Heather Richin's baby blessing, then we went to a "farewell" sacrement meeting for Sheree, one of Meagan's friends. In total, that's 5 hours of church, 7 sacrament meeting talks, 9 hymns, and 3 sacraments. Wow. Later on tonight we're headed to a fireside.

This is a quick glimpse into how we do things at the Meyer household! ;)

Enjoy these pictures of Thanksgiving Point!

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