Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Catch up

I thought that I'd catch everyone up on what's going on in our lives. James and I have both graduated and are both working full time. James recently graduated in April and me last August. James is working for Omniture in Orem. They are a web analytics company and he is an associate user interface designer.

I'm working full time at BYU now for the Office of Information Technology as an Employee Technology Services as a Service Desk Supervisor. I love my job and working with all the student employees they are so much fun!

As for children, we don't have them yet, but want them, and hopefully we'll be blessed with them soon.

James and I have a lot of free time now that we aren't so busy studying for tests and such. James loves biking and bikes any day that he can. He loves our garden as shown by our previous post and treats it like his little baby. I'm really glad, because I don't get into the gardening so much, but I can reap the benefits of yummy vegetables and fruit. I also actually get to enjoy my passion for cooking yummy foods and treats with my free time. We've also discovered that we are "computer people" we love playing computer games and playing around on the internet in our free time at night. Yes, we are nerds.

We are planning a trip to Vegas this weekend for Memorial day and are excited to visit our old neighbors Jamie and Garth! I've never been to Vegas before so I'm super excited. You will definitely hear all about it when we get back.

Monday, May 19, 2008

We have a garden!

The bottom line is - I went kinda overboard this year, as you can see. Besides the weed barrier and cedar mulch, what you're looking at here is 6 tomato plants, 1 broccoli, two cucumbers, and 9 pepper plants. Since that's all that would effectively fit in the allotted space (and since I hate wasting plants), Meagan bought 5 pots to plant the rest of our pepper plants. I'm expecting at least 30 bushels of yield this season! ;)

The other portion of the garden is our berry patch which has gone nuts this season. Already there are hundreds of little strawberry and raspberry buds, and the raspberry plant has decided to explode like a ton of C4. After a very long winter of cold dead Provo, it is very refreshing to be outside growing things. It's a passion.