Monday, June 29, 2009

Eric and Crystal's Wedding

James' little brother (by little I mean younger than James, but older than me) Eric got married last Saturday, June 20th. It was a really neat week and experience being a part of their wedding party. Crystal, Eric's wife is the only member of the LDS faith in her family so I got to be an escort (helper) with her through the temple for her endowment session and I got to help her get ready for the wedding on the wedding day in the temple. They were married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple in Utah and it was a good day for pictures. It poured later before the reception so we all got soaked.

On Friday before they got married we went to Crystal's house to set up tables for the reception. James couldn't find his wallet when it was time to go and we remembered seeing it at home so we didn't think anything of it and just figured it was at home. The next day we were frantic because his temple reccomend was in his wallet, and he couldn't get in to see his brother get married without it. We had to make a few phone calls so our Bishop could look up records and call the temple and vouch that James did have a current reccomend. We cleaned our house over the weekend and still couldn't find his wallet, but in checking our bank accounts nothing had been taken out so we knew the wallet probably hadn't been stolen. On Monday evening after work we felt like we should check Crystal's house again. In checking we found the wallet in the grass by a wall. It was semi-hidden, but we felt so blessed that it hadn't been stolen after being in the grass 4 days and during a wedding reception.

The wedding was wonderful and I have more pictures that I might post later. These are ones that a family friend took. We had a family luncheon at the pizza factory after the wedding and then the reception was that night. Like I said we got soaked so those of you who know my hair know what that means....lots of friziness for the reception yay! And after getting up at 6am to straighten my hair was a pain. But the reception went well too and the rain cleared up just as it was supposed to start, which was good since most of the reception was outside.

Here are a few pictures that a family friend took. When I get other pictures I will post them in another post.

The happy couple leaving


Me looking like a ghost and James looking happy

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beautiful Roses

One of my co-workers, Sharon, grows beautiful roses in her garden. She has even won national awards for her roses. She brought me these two beautiful roses Monday morning to celebrate being pregnant.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Exciting News

James and I are super stoked because we are having a baby! I'm 15 weeks along right now and not sick anymore. Yay! We got to see the baby once at 8 weeks, and we've heard the heartbeat twice now. On July 16th we get to find out what the baby is. I'm really excited so we can REALLY start planning and setting up the baby room once we find out. I know I keep saying how excited we are, but after trying after over 3 years, we couldn't be happier. This Mother's day was amazing, because I wasn't sad like I usually am when all of the other mothers get celebrated. James got me the gliding rocker in the picture for Mother's Day this year. Last night we bought my first few maternity clothes items as my pants aren't fitting well anymore. We also have been getting tons of free stuff from everywhere. Who knew first-time mothers got so much free samples and stuff.

Our little tadpole at 8 weeks

15 Weeks

Some sweet things that we've already gotten in the mail from family

Thursday, June 4, 2009


So James and I got to go to the Fleetwood Mac Concert Last Night which was amazing! I absolutely loved it! I have been to see Stevie Nicks by herself twice and I enjoyed her by herself a little more, but it was still an amazing show. I thought I would do little photo chronology of the concerts I have attended. James never attended concerts of famous people before I met him so I'll put on the list when he started attending them with me. Since some are from long ago before digital pictures and since I'm at work and don't have access to all my pictures, I will just post a random pic of the person in concert. James' favorite concert was definitely Smashing Pumpkins. I have loved all the concerts, but my favorite was probably Aerosmith because I went with two of my best girl friends in highschool (Autumn and Tiffany) and two of my best guy friends (Cullen and Curtis). We had grass passes so we danced the night away and Aerosmith even came out to a separate stage on the lawn near us and played for us on the lawn as well. I hadn't really realized how many concerts I had gone to until I compiled this list. I absolutely love concerts it's so fun to see good music live.

Summer of 1998: Stevie Nicks Enchanted Tour in Raleigh NC (Opening Act: Bozz Scaggs, went with my good friend Imani: we are both huge Stevie Nicks fans)

Summer of 2001: Stevie Nicks Trouble in Shangri-La Tour in Raleigh NC (Can't remember if there was an opening act, went with my friend Imani again)

October 2002: Aerosmith Girls of Summer Tour in Raleigh NC (Opening Acts: Mest and Kid Rock: definitely not my favorite bands)

James and I got married, so now he comes to the shows with me.

March 2006: Counting Crows in SLC UT (A picture I actually took)

Fall 2007: Smashing Pumpkins in Orem UT (Opening Act: The Bravery: Had really bad potty mouths, while Smashing Pumpkins were way clean)

March 2008: Collective Soul in SLC UT

Summer of 2008: Journey, Heart, Cheaptrick in SLC UT



Cheaptrick with their wicked crazy guitar

June 2009: Fleetwood Mac Unleashed Tour in SLC UT (More pictures I actually took, no opening acts either)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I have tons of pics to post, but I'll put those at the end. For Memorial Day weekend James and I decided to go to the Grand Canyon since I had never been there. We left on Wednesday night and stayed in Kanab and then on Thursday morning drove to the Grand Canyon. It wasn't too hot and was pretty cloudy. It didn't make for good pictures, but it was nice that it wasn't too hot. Thursday night it rained and rained for like 10 hours straight. We didn't get wet in our tent but it was so loud it was hard to sleep. Friday we woke up and made some Heavenly Hash for breakfast. We then did an amazing hike down to "Dripping Springs". Getting back up was hard, but way worth it, it was so beautiful. We ate at a super nice restaurant in the Grand Canyon to reward ourselves for the hike. When we left the restaurant it was colder outside and the wind was picking up again. We got back to our campsite and it started raining again..... James turned to me and we decided that we had HAD it, so we smooshed our muddy tent and tarp into our trunk and slept in the car, which was much less noisy than the tent and slept while it rained another 10 hours straight. The next morning we left and decided we'd stay in Kanab for 2 nights instead of just 1. We found the LAST motel room in Kanab and played around Kanab. We went to this movie set museum that was free and played around there. The Sunday we got up and went to Bryce's National Park which was absolutely beautiful. We then drove back to Kanab again and stayed the night. Monday morning we got up early and went to drive through St. George and though Zion's National Park on the way home. James took over 300 pictures on our whole trip. We saw a bunch of deer and coyotees. We even saw some wild turkey's but they ran away before we could get their picture. Now after that long story enjoy some pictures.

Our Campsite. It was a nice campsite. Even though we shared it with over 300 other people they were spaced out enough that we weren't overcrowded.
The Grand Canyon behind us

Getting ready to go on our hike. Notice the clouds.

Bryce's Canyon behind us