Thursday, June 4, 2009


So James and I got to go to the Fleetwood Mac Concert Last Night which was amazing! I absolutely loved it! I have been to see Stevie Nicks by herself twice and I enjoyed her by herself a little more, but it was still an amazing show. I thought I would do little photo chronology of the concerts I have attended. James never attended concerts of famous people before I met him so I'll put on the list when he started attending them with me. Since some are from long ago before digital pictures and since I'm at work and don't have access to all my pictures, I will just post a random pic of the person in concert. James' favorite concert was definitely Smashing Pumpkins. I have loved all the concerts, but my favorite was probably Aerosmith because I went with two of my best girl friends in highschool (Autumn and Tiffany) and two of my best guy friends (Cullen and Curtis). We had grass passes so we danced the night away and Aerosmith even came out to a separate stage on the lawn near us and played for us on the lawn as well. I hadn't really realized how many concerts I had gone to until I compiled this list. I absolutely love concerts it's so fun to see good music live.

Summer of 1998: Stevie Nicks Enchanted Tour in Raleigh NC (Opening Act: Bozz Scaggs, went with my good friend Imani: we are both huge Stevie Nicks fans)

Summer of 2001: Stevie Nicks Trouble in Shangri-La Tour in Raleigh NC (Can't remember if there was an opening act, went with my friend Imani again)

October 2002: Aerosmith Girls of Summer Tour in Raleigh NC (Opening Acts: Mest and Kid Rock: definitely not my favorite bands)

James and I got married, so now he comes to the shows with me.

March 2006: Counting Crows in SLC UT (A picture I actually took)

Fall 2007: Smashing Pumpkins in Orem UT (Opening Act: The Bravery: Had really bad potty mouths, while Smashing Pumpkins were way clean)

March 2008: Collective Soul in SLC UT

Summer of 2008: Journey, Heart, Cheaptrick in SLC UT



Cheaptrick with their wicked crazy guitar

June 2009: Fleetwood Mac Unleashed Tour in SLC UT (More pictures I actually took, no opening acts either)


meagan said...

My sister and I went to the Journey concert last summer. It was AMAZING!

Imani said...

love this post...those stevie concerts were amazing & the fleetwood mac concert was also amazing. <3