Sunday, March 22, 2009

Omniture Summit

Once a year at James' work they do a conference for all of their customer's called Summit. James got to spend the week in Salt Lake and even got to see Maroon 5 live at the Grand America Hotel. Omniture put James up at the Little America Hotel across the street. Since he had a huge hotel room by himself I decided to stay one of the nights with him. I got to Salt Lake by 6pm and we went out to dinner at the Lion's House and then I left the next morning after James presented. He did an awesome job by the way. He got to present their new products to their CAB(Customer advisory board).

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Valentine's Day

I always seem to be playing catch up. For Valentine's Day James and I just relaxed and played all day and didn't run ANY errands or did any chores. Our normal routine on Saturday is work work work since we both work full-time it's our only time to clean house and run errands. James took me out to a place called "Flour Girls and Dough Boys". They are the cutest little bistro and they usually only do lunch but they were doing a special for Valentine's day. It was awesome! They have the best homemade breads, soups, and desserts. They also took a stab at doing main courses and it was way good.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Winning Again!

I get my cute blog backgrounds from this site: Smittenblogdesigns They are really awesome and don't usually give giveaways, but I just happened to be perusing their freebies when I came across a giveaway and I totally won this!!!!!
I will take a picture with the shawl when I get it in the mail to post online instead of this model that I got from their website. I also am really behind in posting what we did for Valentine's day. I'm never home to hook up my camera to the computer to get the pictures off, but hopefully at the latest this weekend I can get that done.