Monday, June 29, 2009

Eric and Crystal's Wedding

James' little brother (by little I mean younger than James, but older than me) Eric got married last Saturday, June 20th. It was a really neat week and experience being a part of their wedding party. Crystal, Eric's wife is the only member of the LDS faith in her family so I got to be an escort (helper) with her through the temple for her endowment session and I got to help her get ready for the wedding on the wedding day in the temple. They were married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple in Utah and it was a good day for pictures. It poured later before the reception so we all got soaked.

On Friday before they got married we went to Crystal's house to set up tables for the reception. James couldn't find his wallet when it was time to go and we remembered seeing it at home so we didn't think anything of it and just figured it was at home. The next day we were frantic because his temple reccomend was in his wallet, and he couldn't get in to see his brother get married without it. We had to make a few phone calls so our Bishop could look up records and call the temple and vouch that James did have a current reccomend. We cleaned our house over the weekend and still couldn't find his wallet, but in checking our bank accounts nothing had been taken out so we knew the wallet probably hadn't been stolen. On Monday evening after work we felt like we should check Crystal's house again. In checking we found the wallet in the grass by a wall. It was semi-hidden, but we felt so blessed that it hadn't been stolen after being in the grass 4 days and during a wedding reception.

The wedding was wonderful and I have more pictures that I might post later. These are ones that a family friend took. We had a family luncheon at the pizza factory after the wedding and then the reception was that night. Like I said we got soaked so those of you who know my hair know what that means....lots of friziness for the reception yay! And after getting up at 6am to straighten my hair was a pain. But the reception went well too and the rain cleared up just as it was supposed to start, which was good since most of the reception was outside.

Here are a few pictures that a family friend took. When I get other pictures I will post them in another post.

The happy couple leaving


Me looking like a ghost and James looking happy

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