Sunday, August 10, 2008

James' Birthday/Omniture Party

James turned 27 on August 4th. The whole weekend before was spent in celebration of him. Omniture even had their annual summer party during all the festivities. On Thursday night I couldn't keep James' presents secret anymore, so he went ahead and opened them. I got him Volume 1 of Mystery Science Theater 3000, which included 4 different episodes and also gave him a BYU bathmat.

We left work early on Friday to go camping! It's a tradition that we always go camping for James' birthday. This year we went to Balsam campground in Hobble Creek Canyon. It's the last campsite before the right fork of the canyon ends. It was nice because there wasn't much traffic and only a few other families there.

We had yummy tin foil dinners with buffalo burger patties, carrots, potatoes, mushrooms, minced onion, and lots of seasonings. They were so yummy!

After we got back from camping, Saturday evening Omniture had their annual party which was called "Carnivale". They rented out the electric park at Thanksgiving Point and had dinner catered in of hotdogs and hamburgers. It was like a mini state fair. There was a full-size ferris wheel and a ride called the "Tornado" that spun around. James and I loved the "Tornado". There were also stands with unlimited free sodas, snow cones, cotton candy, churros, popcorn, and candy. They had lots of little blow up rides and games for the little kids, including a cow train. At night we all got some free "swag". They gave out omniture blankets to all the employees so people could sit on them during the concert and fireworks. A local band called "Party of Five" came and played a bunch of cover songs. They were actually really good. The fireworks were the best. Omniture went all out and paid for a 30 minute firework show. We're talking competition for the Stadium of Fire. It was REALLY good. Here are pics from the night.

On Monday on James' actual birthday we went to his parent's for dinner and presents. James' mom made her famous lasagna, which is one of his favorite meals that she makes. James got the movie Harry Potter 4 and the Blue Planet DVD series from the BBC. They are amazing movies. He also got this very interesting game from his Aunt called Split the Ward. It's a pretty funny card game. I made fun of James, because he asked for a Strawberry cake and so he got a girlie pink cake. It fits well with his manly pink bag that I wrapped his presents in on Thursday night.

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