Sunday, December 21, 2008

Spanish Fork Here We Come!

We finally found my usb camera cord! Yay! So you guys can see pictures of our house while it was empty. As soon as we get some things unpacked then I'll take more pictures of the house. We're about 1/2-3/4 of the way done. Mark who was our Realtor, brought his wife Talara and the kids to see the house when we got the keys, so you can see them in some of the pictures.
The Front Room

The Stairs

The Living Room

The Kitchen

Dining Area

The Pantry

The 2 Steps down to the rest of the first floor

The Band Room

The Garage

Downstairs Bathroom and Laundry Room

Office (The ATV wallpaper will be coming down soon)

Yellow Upstairs Bathroom

Master Bath

Master Bedroom Closet

Master Bedroom

Future Garden Area



Janel said...

Wow, It's so cool you guys bought the house!

Jenni Blaser said...

Cool, cool! It looks awesome! Congratulations!

jamieBEE said...

CONGRATS congrats!!!

vigues said...

Congrats on the house--super cute!

Beau said...

I'm really happy for you guys!! CONGRATS! Let's party soon.