Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Christmas was really fun this year. James and I got to stay in Utah with his family this year which was really nice to stay here while we were still trying to get our new home in order. James' mom got his Dad a parakeet for Christmas. It's actually a really cute present, because that was their first pet when they first got married. We got to babysit the parakeet for 2 nights before Christmas so that James' Dad wouldn't know that his mom had gotten it for him. He was a lot of fun! Eric, James' brother spent the night at our house for Christmas Eve and we watched the Patrick Stewart version of A Christmas Carol. I made Raspberry Cream Cheese French Toast for Breakfast and then we went to James' parents new house to open presents. It's really funny, because James' parents just got into a house about a week after we got into ours. James and I didn't get each other presents this year, because of the house and the car(see post below). We did get a lot of nice things for our new house though, including gift cards to help us to get things that we need. We also got some fun movies and yummy treats.

The Christmas Tree

The Hidden Parakeet

James Pouting

James and Eric

All of the Presents

The Cute Parakeet that James' Dad named "Spud"

The rug we got as a present

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