Monday, June 9, 2008

Scholarship Request

One of my student employees and friend is going to grad school this fall. He has a little boy and needs money desperately to pay for school since his wife is going to be staying home to watch their little boy instead of working. He has entered a scholarship contest where you vote for his video. The link is\
Click on the link and then in the upper right hand corner click login and create a login. After you create the login click browse also in the upper right hand corner and look for "Change the World" by Richard. I haven't been spammed by them so no worries about giving out your email address. Every 24 hours you can vote for him. Please do not use multiple email addresses as some people have been disqualified from the contest for this. Only one email address per person voting. For voting you also get the chance to be entered to win $1000 for every time you vote. It's a pretty cool idea and I really hope he wins so his family can help pay for a little bit of his grad school. I believe the contest is over in July so happy voting!

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vigues said...

Hey, I just stalked into your blog, so it'll be easier now for us to keep track at what y'all are up to (since we're lousy at staying in touch any other way!). I agree, your husband does look like he could be brothers with the scrubs guy (sure, different hair and eyes, but same face shape, etc). Good times!
Oh, and your garden looks lovely. Mine is still non existent!