Sunday, October 3, 2010

Diamond Fork Camping

Friday night we went camping for James' brother Eric's birthday. Eric, Crystal, James and I went to Diamond Fork Campground which is up Spanish Fork Canyon. Grandma and Grandpa Meyer watched Ryan for the night and had so much fun with him. We ate yummy hot dogs, steak bites, s'mores, and hot chocolate for dinner and had eggs, bacon, grilled cheese, steak, muffins, and hot chocolate for breakfast. We played games and chatted around the campfire all night and it was lots of fun. We love hanging out with Eric and Crystal because they are so much fun!

Some of the beautiful scenery around our campsite

Our campsite. Eric and Crystal's tent is huge it definitely could sleep 8 people. James and I need to get a bigger tent before we go camping with Ryan.

Crystal and I around dinner time. Ignore my chipmunk face. I'm eating.

James scarfing down a hot dog.

Eric happy to be camping.

Me eating yummy steak bites.

Crystal is sooo excited to be camping!

I have a weird face in this picture, but it lets you see my new haircut and colors. It's dark brown underneath and then has big chunky highlights of bright blonde and red on top. It's way cute! My good friend Talara does my hair and does a really awesome job! This pic was taken right before we left Eric and Crystal's house to go camping.


Dan, Katy and Hannah Clayton said...

We've been there to the Diamond Fork camp ground. it's a fun place! Looks like lots of fun!

ashlee said...

I love camping.