Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Omniture Christmas Party Catch-Up

So over a month ago Omniture had their huge Christmas party. It's always at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake. There always seems to be a snowstorm the night of the party too. We forgot our camera so our friend snapped these pictures of us. Omniture paid for James' tuxedo rental and I found my dress half-off at a sale Allyse's Bridal was having in September. We had a blast and lived it up in style. They had gourmet appetizers, main dishes, and desserts all with a Latin Theme. Our entertainment this year was a professional dance group that performs in lots of movies all the time as back-up dancers. They were pretty good, but a little scandalous since they were scantily clad. ;) Because of the snow we were late and didn't get to have professional pictures done there, so I'm glad our friend had her camera to snap a few shots after the party. I also had a hair appointment to get my hair done, but again because of the snow I canceled my appointment so I wouldn't have to get out in the snow before that night.

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Rachel C. said...

I absolutely LOVE your dress!