Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Best Friend's Wedding

My Best friend Autumn got married last Saturday in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Autumn and I have been best friends since we were about 13. Autumn's mom and step-dad moved to Raleigh and we were in the same ward and high-school growing up. We went through everything together. We were inseparable until college when Autumn went to school in Florida and I went to school in Utah. It was a wonderful wedding and everything went perfectly. The wedding was outside and the weather was almost 80 degrees and gorgeous. It was way better weather than the snow that Utah was having. Below are a bunch of pictures from the festivities. We arrived in Grand Rapids on Thursday night and Autumn picked us up from the airport and took us to the hotel that most of the people from the wedding were staying at. James and I got in late so we just went to bed. The next morning was the bridal brunch at the Garden Cafe. Later James and I did some tourist things and went to the Frederick Meijer Sculpture Gardens. They were really cool. That night was the wedding rehearsal dinner and the next morning was the wedding. It was such a fun but fast trip. I hope we can go and visit Autumn and her new husband Ted sometime again.

The Bridal Brunch

Sculpture Gardens

Rehearsal Dinner

Our Young Women's leader and close friend from when we were growing up

The Wedding

Autumn and Ted

Me and Autumn (I put this pic on my desktop at work and so many people thought we were sisters. What do you think?)

The delicious and beautiful cake


vigues said...

Hey, you do look as though you could be related, esp in that pict. Looks like a great trip!

Marisha Thomson said...

oh wow! autumn's wedding looks great! tell her congrats the next time you talk to her! (: thanks for the tip about massages, i really just might try that out tomorrow. i haven't had one in years! i'm so glad you found me too, how did you find my blog? looks like life is going pretty great for you guys! where are you living now?

Rachel C. said...

I'm going to put more about my adoption story. I love how in my adoption story it shows that every child is meant for a family whether or not they are born to them or adopted!

Dan and Amanda said...

Oh my goodness... When we first got married we were in R2 ward and I was in nursery with Sis. Cox. Crazy times -- I love her.

Also, Autumn's wedding does look great. Thanks for posting so many pictures.

meagan said...

You guys could be sisters. Looks like a fun trip (: