Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Picture Tag

I'll have some real posts in a little bit. We are actually getting our own internet in our home on Monday. For our whole marriage we've used random wireless signals in the neighborhood. Sometimes we've had agreements with our neighbors to pay half their internet bill if they let us use their wireless. It's worked great, but now we have new neighbors that are really to themselves so we finally broke down and are having someone come out to install internet at our house. So we will have catch up soon.

For now, I found this cool tag on my friend Shalyse's blog. You take these things and search your answers in a google image search and you have to use a picture from the first page.

Favorite Vacation:Disney World

Favorite Color: Pink

Age: 23

Favorite Treat: Fried Oreos (so yummy, but I don't want to know the caloric intake)

Favorite Food: Fondue

Where I want to Travel: Italy (I've been there, but I want to take James there)

Where I grew up: North Carolina (I miss it so much, look at all that green!)

Where I live: Utah (Look at all that brown...)

Last name: Meyer

Middle name: Nicole

First Name: (Apparently this horse and I share a name)

Past Love: Scary Movies (I used to love these, now I'm a wimp! This pic makes me laugh though)

Favorite Animal: Ocelot (Isn't it so cute!)


Lauren's blog said...

This was a cute post!

Ok, so about the icecream cake...to be honest, we totally winged it! But this is what we did. We bought pie crusts and baked them like it said to on the package. Then in a bowl we took this caramel swirl icecream, added more caramel, added some heath bar and mixed it all together (it was soft, but not melted). Then poured into the pie crust and poured some more caramel and heath bar on top. We did the same thing with the other pie but added brownies and oreos instead! So delicious, you just can't go wrong with ice cream! :)

Dave Crest said...

Dude, I love fried stuff! We went to the Texas State fair and you KNOW they fry stuff up real good down in Texas. I got fried cheesecake and chicken-fried bacon among other things. Amaaziin!