Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4th of July fun at Bear Lake

Sorry that it's been so long since we've posted. It has been crazy busy for both James and I at our jobs and at home. We get home so tired all we want to do is eat hang out a little bit and go to bed.
For 4th of July James' family and extended family thought it would be fun for us all to chip in and share the cost of a cabin on Bear Lake for 3 nights. It was so much fun. Here is a picture of our cabin with me and James' brother Eric by the car.

This is the view from one of the 3 cabin balconies. It was absolutely gorgeous and we were so high up on the hill that we could see the fireworks by just walking a little bit outside. The stars were also amazing at night.(I hope you like pictures, because I have a lot more!)

The first night we went to a dinner and show and the food was so yummy and the show was an old western melodrama. It was so funny! This is a pic of James and his mom and brother Eric.

Here is a dance scene in motion from the show.

The first morning James' and I got to cook breakfast for the masses. We cooked 2 packages of bacon, a huge thing of sausage links, 2 bottles of the Bisquick just add water pancakes and 2 pitchers of orange juice. It was lots of fun to cook that much food. This is me cooking food. James cooked the sausage and bacon but he was the one taking the pictures.

My favorite part of the trip was horseback riding. I love horses, but I haven't been riding since my Junior Year of high school at girl's camp when the stake rented out a stable for the day. It was a blast. Here are my favorite pictures. The horses really liked eating the yellow flowers called "mule ears". We were supposed to not let them eat them, but as you can tell sometimes they got away with it.

Later on the 3rd we went with the whole group to the Minnetonka Caves. They were really cool. I love cave tours.

On the 4th James, his brother, and Uncle went Sea Kayaking in Bear Lake while the rest of us went swimming. It was actually pretty cold on the 4th as you can see the overcast skies.

The "cute" skirts that James and his uncle are wearing attach to the kayak and make sure that water doesn't get in. James and his uncle Phil were riding the huge waves from all the boats and Seadoos.
Later that evening James' mom and I rented a paddle boat to ride around the lake in. It was pretty fun.

The funny thing is...where we were paddle boating the lake was really really shallow. You could walk out about 100 yards and still just be up to your knees in the water. James decided he would walk out to make fun of us.

On the way up to Logan you pass the Hill Air Force Base Museum and every time we'd pass James' would drool all over the car because he loves planes. Especially F-16's. When we passed it going up to Bear Lake I suggested we stop on the way home and take a few hours to go through the museum. James and his brother thought this was a fantastic idea so that's just what we did. We ate lunch outside at the museum and took tons of pictures inside. James' was really excited to get a picture with his favorite plane the F-16. I'm not a huge fan of planes, but I love going to museums and learning. I actually learned a ton about airplanes and how complicated they are. I had no idea there were so many different kinds.

To end a great trip James and I got cleaned up and then went out to McGrath's Fish House for dinner. It was sooo good!

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Shalyse said...

That is so great that you went to Pickeville Playhouse. I went there just this past year. The dinner was fantastic and the play that we saw was "Little Shop of Horrors." I really enjoyed that place. Glad you had a good time!